What is Android?

What is Android?

Before we start any Android development, We must have some idea about What Android is ? Any guesses What are these ? (Windows, Linux and Mac) Right they are Operating System. No guesses to say Android is nothing but an Operating System. In other words, Android is a Linux-based Operating System designed for touch screen mobile/devices such as smart phones and tablets. Initially developed by Android (A Company), but latter on financially backed by Google and later purchased by Google in 2005.

Now lets look in to the development Perspective:

Android is an operating system which is based on Linux with Java Programming Interface. The Android Software Development Kit provides the following necessary tools for developing the Android Applications.

  • A Compiler
  • Debugger
  • A device emulator
  • It’s own Dalvik Virtual  Machine to run Android Programs.

The above points are nothing but default android development tools, which comes with Android setup.

Dalvik Virtual Machine

Android OS uses a different virtual machine called Dalvik Virtual Machine to run Java based applications. Dalvik uses an own bytecode format which is different from Java bytecode. That’s why you cannot directly run a Java class files on Android, they need to get converted in to tthe Dalvik bytecode format before you run them on an Android device.

Android Allows the Following Features:

  • Background Processing
  • Provides a rich user Interface library
  • Supports 2-D and 3-D Graphics using the Open GL Libraries
  • Access to the file system
  • An embedded SQLite database.


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17 Responses to What is Android?

  1. I am doing classes on android.. I am came across your site. You have posted a nice tutorial online.

    Can you share the the zip file which has all examples bumped along with single project source code.

    I tried download.. I ccan see 0 KB file with empty folder.

    Thanks in advance.


    • SmrutiRanjan says:

      Dear Prafulla,
      Thanks for your attention.
      There was some problem from the server side. But Now I have updated all sample codes again.
      You can try it now. Let me know if you face any issues.


  2. P. O`Malley says:

    I have experience with windows, registry etc, going back to the 3.1 days. Limited Linux,Played around with firewalls/packet inspection from RH 6.22,limited experience with java, but some vbs c/c++…where would you suggest starting point? More research on the back end or start java? I am looking more on a commercial/selling point for android tablets,as well as future development. Sorry If I not clear on my question

    • SmrutiRanjan says:

      Dear Malley,
      You can start and go ahead,on which you like very much. It might be java or c/c++ on Windows or Linux platform.
      Does not matter. Go ahead which you love very much.


  3. Amardeep says:

    how i upload my application in Google play

  4. Srinivasan Sankaran says:

    Dear Smtuti Ranjan, I am new to Android. I have plan to develop android application. I have a sound knowledge in OOPs. please guide me how to start my learning in android. Also, please share the materials/links for android. Thanks in advance !

    Srinivasan Sankaran

  5. Kedhar says:

    Dear Smtuti Ranjan,
    I am new to Android. I have plan to develop android application for voice password for locking application..send some links..

  6. Tanvir says:

    hi i am planning my career in android i just want to know how is the career in this field and will be in the future i have just gone through your tutorial its very good to understand easily just suggest me ….. so that i can follow ur tutorials and plan my career

  7. chaitu says:

    bro can u plz make the android tutorial downloadable it is very useful so that we can make an offline study.

  8. Reeshma C says:

    I may i know about the system configuration for android development. Whether it supports windows server 2003 or not.

  9. Reeshma C says:

    When I tried to download SDK it was showing Unknown network error. But in my side, network is working fine. Can you please give any suggestion? How much space it will take to download the entire package.

  10. Thank you sir..I wanted to learn android programming and now i know that i am on right place..thanks again

  11. balahari says:

    First thank you for effort. I am new to Android. I just start to learn android by referring your tutorila. I have plan to develop android application for voice password for locking application..Kindly help me to do this…

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