Things to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

buy mobile phoneThings to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

Here we will discuss some important points before Buy Mobile Phone from market or online. As we know, Now a days hugh competition is going on between Mobile Phone/Smart Phone Manufactures. Every day so many new mobile phone models are coming into global market. Purchasing a new Mobile Phone might be confusing, you should know which Mobile Phone is the  best option for you. To choose the best one, we need to take care of the below features and points while buying a Mobile Phone from the market. Here we will discuss some important points that must be available with a good quality Mobile Phone.

Buy Mobile Phone

1. Price

Price is the most important factor when we buy mobile phone from market. More the price, you will get better featured mobile phones. But we need to buy mobile phone in our affordable price range. Don’t go for a high range. first decide your price range, which you can afford. Then we will have below points, which need to know before buy mobile phone from market or online.

2. Comparison and Reviews

After decided your price range, then compare features of different mobile phone models from same or different manufacturers. if you will search mobile phone specifications in web, then you can find so many sites, which provides good reviews and specifications. Read user reviews for the models you are deciding to purchase.

3. Features that You Must Need

Decide 4/5 most required features what you need in your mobile phone. Don’t go for all features in a mobile phone. You will never find all good features in a single mobile phone. Because Manufacturers are designed their models in such a way that all models have some good features, which you will missed in other models. Because if they will put all good features in a single mobile phone, then other models will never sell in market.

So for example: if you like music, then go for the model which provides you good quality of music. If you like photographic, then go for a mobile phone, which has highest pixels(like 5 MP, 8MP,13 MP etc). The higher the pixels higher is your photo quality resolution. Similarly if you like games, then you can choose a high quality display with processor.

So first decide your 4/5 must needed features that you need in a mobile phone.

4. Voice Clarity

This is the most important feature in any mobile phone. Because the primary feature of a phone is voice clarity. You might have experienced this kind of issues with your old phone. Some mobile phones/Smart phones generate heat during call, also some phones have noise problem while you are in a call. Some ordinary new manufacturers are releasing mobile phones without proper testing. So that it reduced the cost of a phone. So don’t go for that phone. Read some review on web for the same.

5. Stability

This is the most important factor for any mobile phone or smart phone. You might have bad experience with your old mobile phone that, sometime it hangs . After that nothing is working for your, so you must restart your phone. Sometimes what happens, due to hugh competition in market between mobile phone manufactures, some manufacturers releases their mobile phones with limited testing, so some of the issues (like hanging problems) did not traced out. But if you will buy your product from a reputed manufacturers, then you can update your phone’s software/firmware easily for any kind of critical issues. For this kind of issues/problems, you can read user reviews in web as well.

6. Operating System

Operating System is the life of a mobile phone or smart phone. Different mobile manufacturers are using different OS for their products.

For Example: Samsung uses Android OS , Nokia uses Windows Mobile OS and Symbian OS, iPhone uses iOS and HTC uses Windows Mobile OS etc. Also go for the latest version of OS. if the price is high for the latest version OS, then check if the model is up-gradable to the latest version.

Each Mobile phone OS has it’s own advantages and limitations. User might not experience any issues from OS prospective. But if you are a mobile phone developer, then go for the mobile phone which you have some development knowledge, so that you might do some experiment with your phone. We recommends d dual core processor rather than single core processor.

7. Processor

The speed of your mobile phone depends upon this factor. More the processor version more is the processing speed of your mobile phone. Processor are measured in GHz. More the GHz value more is the power. For Example: Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor.

8. Memory

There are two different types of memory available in each mobile phone.

  1. Primary Memory (RAM)

  2. Secondary Memory (SD Card/ In build memory in your phone)

Here the primary memory (RAM) is the deciding factor for the execution speed of any application in your mobile phone. More is the RAM size more is the speed of any application in your mobile phone. RAM size is measured in MB or in GB. For Example Samsung Galaxy S3 has  2 GB of RAM. However Secondary Memory is optional for you. you can add extra memory adding new SD card. these type of memory is only for storing data.

9. Screen Resolution.

The screen resolution is also a most important factor of a quality mobile phone. More the screen resolution more is the clarity of your mobile phone screen photos and videos etc. Also you would like to play games on high resolution screen. Be sure to pay attention to the your mobile phone screen resolution (at least 800×480 pixels for a good experience). Mobile phones with a 720p or 1280×720 pixel resolution is the best option for you. but higher is the screen resolution higher is the price. You can find displays call ‘Retina’, which is used by Apple. This is also a good quality screen.

10. 3G/4G Supports:

This feature is for network support. Here ‘G’  stands for generation. So higher the generation then better is the quality, in higher generation, most of the cases you will experience difference of data connectivity (internet connection). So to use 3G/4G network, your mobile phone should support this feature. Also features like video calling required at least 3G support.

11. Sensors

This is the hardware part of your mobile phone. You might have heard about sensors like: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture etc. They have their own features. For Example: Some good games are available in market which uses Accelerometer sensor, so if you don’t have this sensor in your mobile phone, then you can’t play this game.

12. Camera

Probably most of us like this feature in any mobile phone. A good quality camera depends upon two factors. One is the pixels size and other is the lens type. More the pixels size more is the quality of your picture. I thing 5 MP is the a good quality for a standard mobile phone. But we recommends 8 MP camera is fair good quality for a mobile phone. Also you can search flash light if you required it. If you need video calling facility then you should buy a mobile phone which has front camera facility.

13. Battery Life

From my point of view Battery life is the most important feature for any mobile phone. If a mobile phone having good features and the battery life is very short (less than a day), then what is the use of them? Generally Smart Phones and multimedia enabled phones consume more battery than a feature phone. So if you are want to use a phone for general purpose like for Calling, SMS  etc, then go for a feature phone. If you love smart phones, then you need to compromise little bit as compare to feature phone. Any battery is measured by it’s capacity and the capacity is measured by mAh value. More is the mAh value more is the power of  your battery.  However battery life is also depends upon your mobile phone applications. For Example: Samsung S4 uses Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery.

14. Buy Mobile Phone Online

Now a days we have so many options to buy mobile phone online. What we do, we just read the specification of a phone and purchase it via online. When you buy any online product, make sure to read the terms and conditions. Example: whether the product is refundable or not? who will pay if the product will damage during shipment etc.  I suggest to book any mobile phone from any branded website, which you trust. Also make sure the website is using https (not http only) in the URL, while using your credit card or debit card for paying the amount for your product.

15. Buy Old Mobile Phone

We strongly recommend that not to buy any old mobile phone from market, because you never know who was used this phone, There might be a possibility that someone made some crime using this mobile phone. Unfortunately if it happened then you will face serious problem. I the rare case if want to buy old mobile phone, then kindly make sure to verify all original receipts and documents etc.

I hope this small tutorial will help you when you buy mobile phone from market or online.

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