Reveal Saved Password in Chrome and Firefox Web Browser


Reveal Saved Password in Chrome and Firefox Web Browser

Here we will discuss about how to Reveal Saved Password in Chrome and Firefox Web Browser. Generally we use different passwords for different websites and the number of passwords keep growing as we make new accounts for different websites. It’s hard to remember all the passwords and also very irritating to type the password again and again, So we use the browser option  ‘Remember my password’ feature on most of the websites. So your password is saved in the browser history and you just have to press “Enter” to login on that particular website. But sometimes we really forget what happens behind those black dots (…..). Most of us are unsure about what to do in this type of situation.

Here is a solution which needs a little browser tweak which can help you to see your saved password again. It’s not hard and you will get familiar with this method after using it couple of times.

Revealing the Hidden Password Behind **** in Chrome and Firefox:

In both Chrome and Firefox, you can use the ‘Inspect Element’ tool to uncover saved password in different websites.

Steps to reveal saved password from web browsers

Step 1:

Go to the web site for which you have already saved your password. For Example, I have taken ( ) this web site. I have saved my password for this web site in Google Chrome browser before. Please note that, you can follow the same procedure for any web sites like Gmail, Faceboook etc.

Once you open the site in the browser, then select or type the user name in the user name field. Then password will automatically display in the Password filed as dots (……..) or asterisks (*******) like below.



Step 2:

  • Then select the password (CTRL + A-), then Right-click and select the option “Inspect Element” as shown bellow.


Step 3:

Once you click on the option “Inspect Element”, you will see a screen as the image bellow.


You can now see webpage’s source code which will appear at the bottom of the browser. As we have already selected the password section, it will automatically highlight the part where we have to apply the tweak like the above image.

Note: You May have to open the Markup Panel in Firefox if you only see the black bar at the bottom.

Step 4:

  • Locate where it says type=”password”.
  • Select “password” and delete it.
  • Now replace it with “text”.
  • Now press Enter.

You can see the changes as bellow. Follow the below image for the above steps.



The moment you do this the password box where the saved password which was shown like black dots or asterisk (*) sing will reveal whatever password was stored on that website as shown in the below image.


You can use it to reveal people’s password too. But don’t do that, its not at all ethical to reveal others password. You can also try it on Firefox browser in the same way. Don’t try to open the above web site using the shown password. I have already  changed it :)

I hope this small tutorial can help you at its best.

Auth Bio: This small useful post is written by Saurabh Jindal. He is a regular contributor for the blogs ‘Techblogon‘ and ‘Gadgets and Gizmos World‘.

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5 Responses to Reveal Saved Password in Chrome and Firefox Web Browser

  1. Yash says:

    Why so hard way ..when every browser has inbuilt password manager ..where you can see,change or delete any passwords. It is available on all browsers.

    Developers already known this and for normal users it hard way.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Shazaan says:

    Why do go through such pain…

    If someone is saving their passwords in Firefox, just navigate to:

    Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords

    VOILA!!! You have them all… Same happens in Chrome as well with the difference being that in Chrome, that you have to choose Show Password for every entry individually.. That was the last time I checked, not sure now…

    Thanks for the post though :)

  3. Subhashree says:

    Very nicely written article.
    Thanks for your effort.
    Waiting for more nice post

  4. Jaky says:

    why don’t you use C/C++ to write a program?

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