Open Web Browser in Android with Specific URL Example Code

android-logoHow to Open Web Browser in Android Programmatically

Here we will learn the simple way to open web browser in android with a webpage or link (specific URL) from your Android application. It is very simple to launch a web page programmatically from your android application. We will use android intent to open web browser here.

Mozilla Firefox OS – New Competitor in Smartphone Market

Mozilla Firefox OS mobile phonesWhat is Mozilla Firefox OS all about?

Firefox OS is a new operating system specially designed for smartphones and tablet computers. Firefox OS is designed by Mozilla and set to debut into mobile phone market. Basically Mozilla Firefox OS is an open source operating system and uses a linux based kernel along with a run time engine called ‘boots into a Gecko (B2G)’.

Android Start Service on Boot Automatically

Android Start Service on BootAndroid Start Service on Boot Automatically (Autostart Android Application)

Here we will learn about Android Start Service on Boot Automatically (Autostart Android Application). That means we will learn the simplest way to start an Android service or an application at device boot up. It is very simple. First we will register an Android event called ‘android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED’. Then we will capture this event when boot up completed and start our service. Then we will start our app from the service.

Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop – Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot

sharing internet connection on windows 7 Simple Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop

ad hoc is the most popular and easiest method to sharing internet connection on Windows 7 laptop using Wi-Fi hotspot. You can share your laptop’s internet connection over the Wi-Fi with other Wi-Fi enabled devices around your laptop’s range. so that you can access internet on other Wi-Fi enabled PC/Laptop/SmartPhone or Tablets etc. Here we will discuss step by step details with screen shots for how to sharing your internet connection on your Windows 7 Laptop. Here we will create a Wi-Fi hotspot using ad hoc

Communication Between Service and Activity in Android Example

Communication Between Service and Activity in Android (2 Way communication)

After posted a complete tutorial on simple Android service with example. Now it is time to learn the real usage of Android service in  an Android application. So here we will discuss on the communication between service and activity in Android (startService, stopService onStartCommand etc). So lets going to the coding part e.g , how to communicate between Android Service and Android Activity.

Simple Android Service Example Code Description(Start/Stop Service)

Simple Android Service Example with Code Description

Here we will learn about Android Service Example with detailed code description. Also you can download Android service example source code from here. Lets first discuss what exactly Android service means? Then will discuss different types of Android services, Then we will go for complete Android Service Example and code description.