Vibrate Android Phone Programmatically

android-logoVibrating your Android phone programmatically is very easy. The code is common for all Android devices which has vibrator hardware. You can vibrate your Android device  using different pattern until you cancel the vibrator either by the Android OS or manually by your Android app. You can also download the complete source code from this post.

Passing data between activities in Android with Example

android-logoUsing a simple example, We will learn  about passing data between activities in Android with example. It is very easy to start a new activity from another activity with some data (like string , integers etc…). Here we will take a very simple example, which will give us some simple and clear idea about how to sending data form one activity to another activity. Note: You can download complete source code from below and have a look into in line comments which are written in side the source code.

Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Devices

android-logoBy default Developer Options is hidden in Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Plus devices. You can’t find this options in settings page like other Android Jelly bean devises. I am going to show you have to enable Developer Options and then Enable USB debugging option inside it. I am taking the example for Galaxy S4 device for Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging. All other Android 4.2.2 devices have same procedures.

Android Broadcastreceiver Example Code Description

android-logoAndroid Broadcastreceiver Example:

Here we will learn the simplest way for how to use  Android broadcastreceiver using ‘Android Broadcastreceiver Example‘. It is very easy to use broadcastreceiver in Android. Here we will take an example for incoming SMS. We will register a broadcast receiver for incoming SMS. Then our application will receive notification when a new incoming SMS will come to the phone.

Download Add Fake Call in Android Call Log App

android-logoDownload Add Fake Call in Android Call Log App

Here is the simple Add Fake Call in Android Call Log App for your. Just download and  install this simple app on your Android Phone fro free. Then you can add fake Missed Call/ Dialed Call/ Received Call in your  recent call history. Show this to any of your friend and have fun with them. One request to all of my friends who wants to use this app. Please don’t make any crime or hunt anyone’s sentiment using this app. I have develop this  Add Fake Call in Android Call Log App is just for fun.