Introduction to Android Development Tutorial For Beginners

Introduction to Android Development Tutorial For Beginners

Welcome to Android Development Tutorial For Beginners. This tutorial is a very first starting point for developing Android applications. I will explain everything from basics to Advance.  The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and How to use it with Eclipse IDE? To understand this tutorial, it is not necessary to have any knowledge about programming in Java, but yes, it might be helpful for further programming to understand the basics of Object Oriented Programming.This tutorial explains Android beginners how to create an Android Project in Eclipse, then moving to some other features and apps for android devices.

Sharing My Real Life Android Experience

Before beginning this tutorial, I would like to share my android development experience when I was a beginner. Before starting my development, I was not even able to setup the development environment. After a long try I had able to setup the android environment. Then when I was trying to develop my first android application, which we called “Hello World” application, I faced too many problems. But finally I was able to run my first application. Then I started working on developing Android applications. Now I am working as a Project Lead  in Samsung and Developing Android Smart Phones for World Market. I have been working on Android since Google published Android OS Donut (Versio 1.6) till Jelly Bean (Version 4.2.x).

Why This Android Tutorial For Beginners?

I decided to share, what is the easiest and simplest way to learn android, so that this small tutorial can help others to give them a good start on android application development. This small tutorial will not only be helpful for beginner, but also be handy for experienced android application developers. When I started working on Android Apps,  I used to search some android examples with source code and code snippets in web, sometimes I found (when i was lucky) and many a times I was left disappointed. After that I decided to share my experience and Android knowledge with others, so that they could benefit form it. Here I am sharing some tips and tricks along with verities of Android Examples with Source Code. Starting from some basic examples to some advanced examples. Also I will be sharing some issues and problems while developing Android Apps.

How to Learn Android Easily

I have written this tutorial in such a way that you can learn android very easily. It is recommended that please follow step by step procedure. It is better to start from the setup/installation to developing new apps for android devices. The most important thing is, if you will face any issue while learning from my side and developing Android Apps, then kindly send us your queries, I will revert you ASAP.

For beginning with Android, Please click on “Next Page”. Also you can click on ‘Android Tutorial Home Page‘ below, for detailed Android Topics and Android Examples.


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9 Responses to Introduction to Android Development Tutorial For Beginners

  1. آندروید says:

    Sharing your Android Experience is best way to learn android development to new android programer. tnx

  2. Naresh says:

    Thats a nice attitute….. :):):)

  3. bob v says:

    I find your tutorial very comprehensive. I just started browsing the pages and I think this is I want. My computer is five-year old ThinkPad Lenovo with Windows Vista Ultimate, 1GB Ram and 80 GB memory. I still have 20 GB free space. I am running my first app hello world stuff and all I see is the flashing android. I just installed the bundle with eclipse. Please advice.

  4. rk says:

    sir,i am a 3rd year student of engineering.this summer i am planning for coaching to learn android apps development.plz guide me whether i am doing wrong or right.
    what is the future of android development?i have no knowledge of java so can i learn Android ……
    i am interested in mobile apps development so what’s the role of Android for my future growth.
    i never do any projects… so what’s the role of android apps for placement or for a good job..

    thanking you!


    Nice tutorial man thanks. Actually i am working as a System Associate in Capgemini. PLEASE Suggest me how can i switch to android development.

  6. anurag says:

    sir I have Done with math & physics. I wants to be a developer. sir please advice me what I should do ??

  7. Gaurav Shrivastava says:

    Your tutorial is quite simple and easy to understand. The best thing is that it silently force you to move on next chapter and come back to review more an more new things.

    congratulation for your tutorial.

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