Install Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT Plugin

Install Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT Plugin

This is the most important step before we learn android development. Here we will learn step by step details about How to Install Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT Plugin. If your setup is not successfully completed, then you might face some abnormal errors, while developing and running android applications. Please follow the below step by step procedure, when you install android setup in your system for the first time. Lets discuss step by seep procedure for Installing Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT Plugin for your android development.

If you don’t already have a running environment to develop Android Apps, you can download the entire package with a single click.
To do that, please follow the instructions at this link. If the link is not working then copy the URL on to your browser and press enter.

Download android setup in a single click Official Android URL:

If you have already installed Eclipse IDE in your system its fine or you can also install it manually. Go through the below procedure.


1. The below installation is on Windows 7 OS in this tutorial. So, maybe it’ll be different if you use other OS.

2. Make sure the latest Java Development Kit (JDK) installed in your system. If it’s not installed, you can visit Java SE Download link to download JDK and follow the installation instructions.

Android SDK Installation

1. Download the latest Android SDK from the official site:

2. Choose the package based on your platform. (Because I’m using Windows, so I choose

3. After download progress is completed, extract the package and place it inside a folder (I’m using D:\android-sdk-windows\). You can place it in any folder, but you have to make sure there is no space character in file path.

4. Open SDK Manager from the extracted location and choose what SDK Platform you want to install. You can also install add-ons, documentation, and code samples. It is recommended to install ‘samples’, which will help you with many android examples with sample code.



Note: if you will face trouble when downloading SDK Platform (maybe you are using it through office proxy server with authentication, or you have a slow connection so you have to download from another place), you can download directly SDK Package from and addons from with your web browser. Also you can add proxy server URL: in the settings as above image.

  1. Okay, from this step, you’ve done Android SDK installation. Congratulation!

sdk-location-localEclipse IDE and ADT Plugin Installation

1. Download the latest Eclipse IDE from: You can use Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.



2. After downloaded, extract the package and put in into a folder.

3. Next, open Eclipse IDE from the above extracted folder and choose Window > Preferences.


wondows-preference4. Choose Android and set your SDK Location. Click Apply and then OK.


5. Next step, we’ll install Eclipse ADT plugin. Choose Help > Install New Software…

install-adt-plugin-for-eclipse6. Click on Add button…, Type Eclipse ADT for Name and forLocation like the picture below.




7.  After that, click Developer Tools and click Next to install. You need to agree on all agreement and follow the installation instructions.


8. After this step, you’ve finished Eclipse IDE and ADT Plugin installation.

Kindly send your query if you are facing any issue while installing any android tools, we will respond back very soon to your query.


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18 Responses to Install Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT Plugin

  1. Spoorthi ravishankar says:

    Hi , thanks for ur nice tutorials….
    But let me knw abt this adt bundle windows x8 version eclipse ide is included within it?

  2. Raul says:

    In Eclipse Preferences window, I don’t have “Android” and so I can not set the SDK Location. I don’t know where’s the problem. Can you help me?

  3. Megha says:

    I am beginner in android. i can not find “Android” in Eclipse Preferences window. please help me.

  4. Sindhu says:

    Really very interesting blog!!
    Sir I was not able to open the SDK manager!
    And hence I tried the recommended link given below.. But it was a xml file and there was no download option given.. so what am I supposed to do now??
    Thanks in advance..

  5. Supraja says:

    Unable to read repository at
    Unable to read repository at
    Address already in use: JVM_Bind

    What should be done for this ?
    I’ve also turned off my firewall..
    Thanks in advance..

  6. Jeetendra Singh says:

    Hi Smurti,
    Thanks for your blog, indeed its very useful for beginners and also who is developing apps as well.
    I need your help regarding a problem, I want to develop a apps for bulk voice call. I mean, user may play his prerecorded voice file while a call.
    I went through telephony manager and seems there is no such API for playing a voice file during a call. Is it possible? if yes please guide us.
    Thanks in advance.
    jeetendra Singh

    • Jeetendra Singh says:

      I am waiting for your response. Please reply. If you don’t mind please give your mobile no. so i can ask you over phone.

  7. marshad says:

    sir, can I use windows XP to develop android aps

  8. dhivya says:

    hi smurthi,

    This is dhivya,am having trouble in installing Android SDK..Could you please help me out this..It is much appreciated that if you give me a visual demo like youtube link..please reply as soon as possible.

  9. marshad says:

    while installing eclipse i hav selected workspace and later i hv selected android and window and preferences.But when setting the sdk location it is showing like this “This Android SDK requires And…e ADT to the latest version” what should i do and how i can continue?

  10. Jin says:

    Well, I’m using Debian Wheezy and I am having trouble setting up the Eclipse IDE, can you help me out?

  11. Judy says:

    Hi,in eclipse preferences when sdk location is set, I am getting this error.

    [2013-05-31 15:01:39 – adb] dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
    [2013-05-31 15:01:40 – adb] ‘adb version’ failed!

    Can you pls let me know how to resolve this. thanks

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