Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Devices

android-logoBy default Developer Options is hidden in Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Plus devices. You can’t find this options in settings page like other Android Jelly bean devises. I am going to show you have to enable Developer Options and then Enable USB debugging option inside it. I am taking the example for Galaxy S4 device for Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging. All other Android 4.2.2 devices have same procedures.

Steps to enabling developer options and USB debugging on Android 4.2.2 devices(Galaxy S4)

Step 1:

Go to your phone’s settings page. Then Click on ‘More’ option from top right side as shown below image. Then click on ‘About device’ from options.

Note: These steps is for Galaxy S4 device. For other Android 4.2.2 devices, you can directly find ‘About device’ option directly under settings page.

enable developer options in android 4.2


Step 2:

After select ‘About device’ as in Step-1 , Then goto ‘Build number’ option. Continuously tap 7 times on ‘Build number’ option. You will getting toast messages while taping on it. After tapping 7 times go back to About device page, you will find the  option ‘

enabling developer options in android 4.2.2

Step 3:

Now your Developer Options has been enabled. Follow below image for reference.

enabled developer options in android 4.2

Step 4:

Then for enabling USB debugging, you just need to follow normal procedure. Goto Developer options->USB debugging. Then check the check box. That’s it.

I hope this small tutorial on ‘Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Android 4.2.2. Devices’ will help you at it’s best.

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