Design Patterns in Object Oriented Programming

What is Design Pattern

Design pattern is a re-usable component for a given task or problem. That means it is not a complete solution for a problem rather than, It just provides a framework or structure to solve a given task or problem. As design patterns are tested against time in a continuous phase of product development, so design patterns are useful to speed up the software development process.

Lets take an example and explain it in layman language so that you can understand what exactly design pattern means? Then we will learn about design patterns related to software domain like (C/C++, Java, .net etc).


Suppose we want to start a construction work. Before we start the construction work, we have to identify which type of construction we are going to start. Like  it may be a office building, residential building, Mall or a Bridge over a river. Obviously the design engineer will provide different design for different type of construction. If we use same design for all above types of construction then it will be a big problem. Building design will not help us to construct a bridge. So we have different design pattern for different types of task although the domain is same (construction work is the domain here). Now lets have a discussion about how to use Design Patterns in Object Oriented Programming.

Design Patterns in Object Oriented Programming

When we develop any software or application  using a particular domain, we have to follow a appropriate design pattern according to that domain, which will provide us the basic framework so that the development process will be faster and cost effective. For example: If we will develop an banking application for Windows based system then usually we use Singleton Pattern and for a web based banking application (e-commerce application)  then usually we use MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. This is just for an overview, we will discuss each type of above patterns in details later in this post.

Different types of Design Patterns

Usually design patterns are divided into 3 major categories. Lets have a brief discussion about each patterns as below.



1. Creational Design  Patterns

  • Singleton Design Pattern

  • Factory Design Pattern

  • Abstract Factory Design Pattern

  • Builder Design Pattern

  • Prototype Design Pattern

2. Structural Design  Patterns

  • Bridge Design Pattern

  • Proxy Design Pattern

  • Adapter Design Pattern

  • Composite Design Pattern

3. Behavioral Design  Patterns

  • Observer Design Pattern

  • Command Design Pattern

  • Chain Design Pattern

Lets have a complete discussion about all above said design patterns. Click Next button to read complete tutorial.


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