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Android Intent Example Code Description

Android Intent Example Code with Description

Here we will discuss about Android Intent with Example and Code Description. We will discuss using an Android Intent Example. There are two types of intents in Android. One is implicit intent and another is explicit intent. We will discuss both Android intents with proper examples here. If you are new to android intents, then you can refer my article Android Fundamentals and Components for more details.

Android Application Development

android logoAndroid Application Development Tutorial

Before going to start details about Android Application Development, Let’s have a small discussion on each key word (Android, Application and Development) of the topic Android Application Development; So that it will be easier to make
us understand the complete Android Development Process Here we will discuss complete step by step details about ‘How to start Android Application Development’. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or idea about Android Application

Android Start Activity for Result Example

Android Start Activity for Result

Here we will learn how to use an  Android Start Activity for Result with Example, which will return some required results from user to it’s parent Activity. So let’s discuss about Android Start Activity for Result Example with Source Code. Here we will start a new activity from it’s parent Activity. when user will put some input data into that activity and close/finish that input activity, we will send notification to the parent activity with the input data. It is very simple.

Android Activity Lifecycle Example Code Description

Learn about Android Activity Lifecycle with Example

Before going to use Android Activity in your application, We need to learn about complete details of an Android Activity Lifecycle. Let go through Android Activity Lifecycle Example Code Description. We will discuss about all real time scenarios and different states of an Android Activity. Once you download the complete sample code example from below, then you can find inline code description for an Android Activity. 

Android Start New Activity Example

Learn About Android Start New Activity Example

Here we will learn about Android Start New Activity Example.  This is the simplest way to start a new activity in android. First we will create  a new Android Activity and then start a new android activity from another Activity. Also we can start a new android activity from any other components (like from Android Services, Button click etc). To make the example very clear, We will create a new activity and start the activity from another activity’s button click event. We can also find the complete code description here.