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Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop – Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot

sharing internet connection on windows 7 Simple Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop

ad hoc is the most popular and easiest method to sharing internet connection on Windows 7 laptop using Wi-Fi hotspot. You can share your laptop’s internet connection over the Wi-Fi with other Wi-Fi enabled devices around your laptop’s range. so that you can access internet on other Wi-Fi enabled PC/Laptop/SmartPhone or Tablets etc. Here we will discuss step by step details with screen shots for how to sharing your internet connection on your Windows 7 Laptop. Here we will create a Wi-Fi hotspot using ad hoc

Steps to Download Android Apps from Google Play Store

Learn simple steps to download Android apps from Google play store

Here we will learn steps by step procedure for how to download Android apps from Google Play Store. Before that lets have a clear idea about What is Google Play Store and What is Android Market? Then we will move to the the topic Steps to Download Android Apps from Google Play Store.

Android Application Development

android logoAndroid Application Development Tutorial

Before going to start details about Android Application Development, Let’s have a small discussion on each key word (Android, Application and Development) of the topic Android Application Development; So that it will be easier to make
us understand the complete Android Development Process Here we will discuss complete step by step details about ‘How to start Android Application Development’. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or idea about Android Application

Essential ECommerce Plugins and Add-Ons for WordPress

ecommerce plugin for wordpressECommerce Plugin for WordPress

Here we will discuss about Ecommerce plugin for WordPress . Ecommerce and WordPress are not new terms in this web oriented world where most of the things are done online, even business, sale and purchase. WordPress which initially was considered only the simple CMS or Content Management System also provides good Ecommerce platform nowadays. Ecommerce for WordPress has become quite common

Create A Bootable USB Pen Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8 installation

create-bootable-usb-pen-drive-for-windows-7Before you make your own USB pen drive bootable, you should know What exactly does the word bootable mean?

What is bootable?

In simple words, Boot means to start. Bootable device means, the device that can help in starting a program without any Operating system. For example: ‘Windows installation disk’.

How to install Windows from an USB flash drive?

Installing Windows from an USB flash drive has several advantages.

  1. Fast installation process as compare to other medias like CD/DVD etc.
  2. More convenient as compared  to a CD/DVD.
  3. Installing Windows OS on those systems that do not have any CD/DVD drive, Example:  Notebook.