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Mozilla Firefox OS – New Competitor in Smartphone Market

Mozilla Firefox OS mobile phonesWhat is Mozilla Firefox OS all about?

Firefox OS is a new operating system specially designed for smartphones and tablet computers. Firefox OS is designed by Mozilla and set to debut into mobile phone market. Basically Mozilla Firefox OS is an open source operating system and uses a linux based kernel along with a run time engine called ‘boots into a Gecko (B2G)’.

What is Smart TV all about? Know Some Basic Smart TV Features

what is smart tv with featuresWhat is Smart TV all about? Did you know some basic Smart TV features?

Television (TV) manufacturer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You might have used the first generation bulky CRT TV, now it is time to use Smart TV. There is a big change in technology. Here we will discuss about Smart TV. First let’s know what is Smart TV all about, and then we will know some basic Smart TV features, which makes a TV very smart.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10 – Expert Opinion

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10 : What Experst Say?

Here we will discuss all features about Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10. When two much awaited and much hyped smartphones from two biggies have seen the market and met the buyers, it’s time to compare which one will emerge as the winner. Although both of them have seen long queue of users waiting for them but it was after the arrival and use of these smartphones, mobile users realized which was worth spending and why.

Things to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

buy mobile phoneThings to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

Here we will discuss some important points before Buy Mobile Phone from market or online. As we know, Now a days hugh competition is going on between Mobile Phone/Smart Phone Manufactures. Every day so many new mobile phone models are coming into global market. Purchasing a new Mobile Phone might be confusing, you should know which