Android Development Tutorial For Beginners

Welcome to android development tutorial for beginners. A complete reference for beginners.

android-logoAndroid Development Tutorial For Beginners is not only for beginners, but also a complete guide for experienced Android developers. Even if you don’t have any idea about Java and Android or Eclipse editor, then also you can learn android development very easily. This is the place, where you can learn step by step procedure for android application development. Also you can download verities of Android examples with source code from here.

1. Introduction

2. What is android?

3.  Android Architecture

4. Android Setup and Installation.

5.  Android Fundamentals/Components

6. Hello World, Building your First Android Application

7. Directory Structure of Android Application

8. Execution Flow of Android Application

9. Android Sample Codes/Examples with Source Code for You

             Android Activities

                  1. Start New Activity in Android Example with Source Code Description

                  2. Passing data between activities in Android with Source Code Description

                  3. Android Start Activity for Result Example with Source Code Description

                  4. Android Activity Lifecycle Example with Source Code Description

             Android Intents

                 1. Android Intent Example with Source Code Description

                 2. Open an Web Page (URL) with Android’s Web Browser using Intent

            Android Services

                 1. Android Service Example Code (Start/Stop Service)  with Description

                 2. Communication Between Service and Activity in Android Example.

                 3. Start an Android Service or Application on Device Boot Automatically

            Android Broadcastreceiver

                 1. Android Broadcastreceiver Example with Code Description

  • Dialog in Android

                 1. Display Android Activity as a Dialog Example with Source Code

                 2. Simple Alert Dialog in Android Example with Source Code

                 3. Alert Dialog with EditText in Android Example with Source Code

  • Android Screen Orientation

                 1. Android Screen Orientation Change (Screen Rotation) Example

  • Custom Toast in Android

                 1. Default Toast in Android Example with Source Code 

                 2. Custom Toast With Duration in Android with Source Code

                 3. Custom Toast With Image, Font, Style and Border in Android Example Code

  • Android Shared Preferences (Save User Data)

                     1. Android SharedPreferences Example (Store/Fetch/Edit) with Description

  • Android SQLite Database Connection

                 1. Sample Code for ListView with SQLite Database Connection in Android

                 2. Login/Registration Screen Using SQLite Database in Android Application

10. Phone Apps ( Voice Call/Call Log/Messaging/Email/Contacts)

                 1. Android Call Log Example (Add/Update/Delete logs in CallLog)

                 2. Android Messaging Example for Sending SMS Programmatically

                 3. Send Email from an Android Application Programmatically

                 4. Read all phone numbers from Android contacts list Example (New*) 

                5. Insert New Contact in Android Programmatically (New*)

11. Android Hardware Uses and Examples

                 1. Android Vibrate Android Phone/Device Programmatically

12. Android OS API Examples

                1. Simple Android AlarmManager Example to Schedule an Event.

                2. Android AnalogClock and DigitalClock Example

                3. Simple Android AIDL Example – IPC implementation in Android

13. Android Utility Examples

                1. Get all Installed Applications List in Android Example

                2. Get all Running Applications List in Android Example

14. Android Fragment and Activity Communication Examples (New*)

15. Some Common Android Development Errors with Solutions

16. Android Internals