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Before going to start details about Android Application Development, Let’s have a small discussion on each key word (Android, Application and Development) of the topic Android Application Development; So that it will be easier to make
us understand the complete Android Development Process Here we will discuss complete step by step details about ‘How to start Android Application Development’. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or idea about Android Application
Development, then also don’t worry. I have already written step by step procedure/tutorial on ‘How to start Android Application Development’. We will directly redirect to ‘Android Development Tutorial’ after some fundamental discussion here.

So now we have three words (Android, Application and Development) in the topic Android Application Development. So might have below questions in our mind. We will go through details about it, but here is a quick reference.

 1. What is Android?

Answer:  Just like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, Android is also an operating system. In other words, Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.

2. What is an Android Application?

Answer: There are verities of applications we can develop on Android Platform. Let’s take an example; you might know Microsoft Paint, Calculator like applications on Windows platform. Similarly we have Call/Dialer, SMS, Calculator, Contacts like applications on Android. We can develop our own application on Android platform.

3. How to Start Android Application Development.

Answer:  Trust me guys, even if you don’t have any prior experience on Android Application Development, then also you can start developing Android Applications very easily. We will discuss step by step after this discussion. I would like to share an Example before going to the development process. I have a question for you. Below is the Question.

Question for You:  Suppose you are a King and will go for a War, then what will be your first step?

Answer:  No doubt, you will gather all of your weapons first and then discuss or setup a war plan with your group. Exactly we will start android application development like this.

So for Android Application Development, We will have below requirements (You can call them Android Development Weapons) to start the Android Application Development War. Here we are going through a quick reference, but we will go through details about how to install Android tools and start developing apps on Android with example latter on this tutorial.

1. Android IDE

First we need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in which we will write code for our Android Applications. The best IDE for Android Application Development is Eclipse. There are different versions of Eclipse IDEs; we will use the latest one. Don’t worry we will discuss with details later in this chapter.

android application development tutorial

2. Android SDK

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. So we need Android SDK to integrate with the Eclipse IDE. Android ADK is nothing but a full package of inbuilt Android APIs (Android Functions), which we will call and use in our Android Applications. We will discuss later on it. Below image is taken after installed Android SDK. Don’t worry we will discuss details about how to install android.

android application development tutorial

3. Emulator (Android Virtual Device)

Android Emulator (AVD) is a virtual Android device. For testing our Android Applications, we can’t buy different android devices. So Android provides a Virtual Device, which will work like an Android real device. We can test out applications on the virtual devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. This AVD will come will default Android SDK.

4. One Android Device (Optional)

This is optional. As we discussed about AVD. We can test our applications on AVD. But yes it is necessary to test the application on real device before user use it on their devices. Also if we will develop some hardware dependent applications, then we have to test the application on real device.

android application development tutorial

5. Know Some Fundamentals/Components of Android Development

We must know some basic details before developing our first android application like ‘Hello World’ Android Application. But trust me guys. It is very easy. I have written step by step tutorial on ‘How to start Android Development’. Also you can find verities of sample examples with proper description along with the tutorial. If you have some prior experience on Android, then you can omit this step and go ahead from the next topic.

6. Android Application Design

As we have already discussed, you must have a plan before going for a war. Similarly we must have design our Android Application properly before start developing it. If you design is not proper, then you might face verities of issues when developing the application. So first keep a proper image of the application in your mind before start development. Then take a piece of paper and a pen. Draw the overall application architecture with control flow using block diagrams. Then device the entire application into independent sub modules. You can also adept some appropriate design patterns for your application. Then start developing dummy sub modules and test if it satisfy your requirements. Identify the road blocks and search for a solution or alternatives. Then integrate all modules to make your application successful.

So without any delay, let’s start Android Application Development from the beginning. Click below Link for detailed tutorial on Android Application Development.

Start Android Application Development

I hope this small tutorial will give you some basic idea about Android Application Development.

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