Monthly Archives: March 2015

Communication Between Activity and Fragment Example

android-logoAfter received many requests from online users of my Android blog, I have posted the complete tutorial about the communication between activity and fragment Example. Here you can learn how a simple fragment can communicates with an Activity in Android. We will use simple  getFragmentManager() API  and Fragment Class in Android to complete this task .

Insert New Contact in Android Code Example

android-logoInsert new contact in Android is very easy. Here we will learn how to add a new mobile number  into Android Contacts list programmatically. We will use inbuilt Android classes (ContactsContract, ContentProviderOperation) to add new contacts in Android Contacts List. Below is the code snippet with example and detailed description.

Read Multiple Phone Numbers From Android Contacts List Programmatically

android-logo It is very easy to retrieve phone numbers in Android. This is how you can read multiple phone numbers from Android Contacts List programmatically. If a contact has multiple phone numbers, then You can retrieve all phone numbers and other details using Android’s inbuilt classes (Cursor and ContactsContract ) in Android.