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Android Screen Orientation Change (Screen Rotation) Example

Android Screen Orientation Change (Screen Rotation) Example with Code Description

Know everything about Android Screen Orientation Change (Screen Rotation Change) Example with Code Description. We will discuss all possible Android Screen Orientation Change in details with help of a simple Android Activity Example. Also you can learn how to do android screen orientation lock here. Also you can change your screen orientation any time you want in an Android application.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10 – Expert Opinion

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10 : What Experst Say?

Here we will discuss all features about Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs BlackBerry Z10. When two much awaited and much hyped smartphones from two biggies have seen the market and met the buyers, it’s time to compare which one will emerge as the winner. Although both of them have seen long queue of users waiting for them but it was after the arrival and use of these smartphones, mobile users realized which was worth spending and why.

Steps to Download Android Apps from Google Play Store

Learn simple steps to download Android apps from Google play store

Here we will learn steps by step procedure for how to download Android apps from Google Play Store. Before that lets have a clear idea about What is Google Play Store and What is Android Market? Then we will move to the the topic Steps to Download Android Apps from Google Play Store.

Things to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

buy mobile phoneThings to Know Before Buy Mobile Phone

Here we will discuss some important points before Buy Mobile Phone from market or online. As we know, Now a days hugh competition is going on between Mobile Phone/Smart Phone Manufactures. Every day so many new mobile phone models are coming into global market. Purchasing a new Mobile Phone might be confusing, you should know which

Android Intent Example Code Description

Android Intent Example Code with Description

Here we will discuss about Android Intent with Example and Code Description. We will discuss using an Android Intent Example. There are two types of intents in Android. One is implicit intent and another is explicit intent. We will discuss both Android intents with proper examples here. If you are new to android intents, then you can refer my article Android Fundamentals and Components for more details.

Android Application Development

android logoAndroid Application Development Tutorial

Before going to start details about Android Application Development, Let’s have a small discussion on each key word (Android, Application and Development) of the topic Android Application Development; So that it will be easier to make
us understand the complete Android Development Process Here we will discuss complete step by step details about ‘How to start Android Application Development’. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or idea about Android Application